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Only Scotland can destroy the Scottish NHS

Scotland’s NHS has nothing to fear from Westminster, says Merryn Somerset Webb. It’s already in Scottish hands.

Four myths about Scotland’s banks and the financial crisis

There are a lot of ‘nonsensical myths’ doing the rounds about the banking crisis in Scotland. Guest blogger Nick Reid looks at the truth behind four of them.

What to buy if Scotland votes Yes

Anything connected with Scotland will drop in price if voters choose Yes, says Merryn Somerset Webb. That could present investors with a buying opportunity.

Independence could be ‘catastrophic’ for Scotland’s house prices

A Yes vote could be very bad for house prices in Scotland, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The rise of Scotland’s Yes vote: a backlash against globalisation

The rise of Scotland’s Yes camp is a backlash against globalisation – hugely exacerbated by the financial crisis. It’s a worrying development.

Real QE is yet to come in Europe

The ECB’s monetary easing policy is nice for the banks, but it won’t do anything to help the wider economy, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

How fear of change drives business behaviour

You don’t have to change the tax regime to affect people’s behaviour, says Merryn Somerset Webb. Often the mere threat of change is enough.

The rise of nationalism – and the end of civilisation

The EU, globalisation and an unaccountable political elite have combined to create a sense of powerlessness among the electorate. It won’t end well.

A divided Scotland will be a tough country to get off the ground

With the Scottish independence referendum so close, getting the new country off the ground in the event of a yes vote will be a very tough job indeed.

The latest reason not to buy into the banking sector

Neil Woodford has come up with another very good reason why you shouldn’t own bank stocks, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

The similar lives of the rich and the not so rich

These days, it’s not so easy to tell who’s raking it in from who isn’t, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

Income inequality is a problem - but don't expect a revolution

Everybody agrees that rising income inequality will lead to a backlash. But the problem is, says Merryn Somerset Webb – income inequality is actually falling.

A simple solution to pension tax relief

The pension tax relief system is needlessly expensive, says Merryn Somerset Webb. There is, however, a simple solution – cap contributions.

Russia ain't pretty - but it's tempting

The Russian market is cheap for very good reason. But brave investors could be forgiven for being tempted, says Merryn Somerset Webb.

If you think a wealth tax won’t hit you, you’re wrong

A lot of people in Britain seem keen on wealth taxes. They think it’s a way to hit the rich. But it won’t just be the rich that end up paying.

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