The eurozone crisis

Sovereign debt among many countries in Europe is running dangerously high. If any country defaults, it poses a threat to the rest of the eurozone and to the single currency itself. And if the euro collapses, it would have enormous consequences for world markets, the global economy - and your wealth.

Eurozone money printing finally arrives – here’s how to cash in

Eurozone QE is here at last. It won’t solve any economic problems, but it will boost asset prices. John Stepek explains the best way for you to profit.

Decision time for Greece

It’s election time again in Greece, with the anti-austerity party, Syriza, ahead in the polls.

Will Iberian populists sink the euro?

Elections in Portugal and Spain later this year could throw the future of the euro once more into doubt.

Draghi 1, Germany 0

The European Central Bank is going to pump €60bn a month into the markets until at least September 2016. John Stepek looks at what that means.

It’s decision time for Europe – here’s what Draghi needs to do

Today’s the day that ECB boss Mario Draghi proves whether he really does have ‘whatever it takes’ to sort out Europe’s crumbling economy. John Stepek looks at what to expect.

Two big signs you should invest in Europe today

Two things happened this week that could lead to a big rise in European stocks. Dr Matthew Partridge explains what they are, and what to buy.

Chart of the day: The Swiss central bank’s shock move has stunned the market

The forex markets are in chaos this morning after the Swiss central bank abandoned the Swiss franc’s peg to the euro. John Stepek explains what it means.

Chart of the day: Greek far leftists Syriza are edging closer to victory

Greek far-left party Syriza is racing ahead in the polls with the country’s general election looming. Rory McConville looks at what it means for Greece, the EU, and the euro.

The radical left is set to take power in Greece – but investors will be fine

Regardless of who wins the election, Greek stocks will come out ahead, says Matthew Lynn.

Greece’s game of high-stakes chicken

Greece is looking to tread a fine line between changing the conditions of their bailout and keeping the euro.

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