MoneyWeek staff picks – February 2013

28 February

Healthy returns from socialism

Venezuelan bonds have returned double the emerging market average – Blooomberg

What our brains can teach us

A better world exists, right behind our eyes – NY Times

What are you lying to yourself about?

Don’t be a ‘Pinocchio trader'; recognise your flaws – Washington Post

27 February

Labour’s new tax policy is an old mistake

Better to raise benefits than tinker with tax – John Kay

How capitalism creates the welfare state

The conservative case for a strong welfare state - The Dish

Japan’s lost decades

A mystery explained – and why we’ll see another ‘lost decade’ – Michael Roberts

26 February

The parable of the nine financiers

The people at the top don’t always stay there – The Reformed Broker

Why The Good Life is a selfish life

Richard Briers, Tom Good and the rise of Thatcher - Liberal England

The Brics could break up

A catchy accronym, but an unrealistic geopolitical grouping – FT blogs

25 February

The virtue of stubbornness

Why it’s good to stick to your guns - Stumbling & Mumbling

Five signs the rally is on hold

Stocks could be on the wane – The Reformed Broker

Trade protectionism looms

The real race the bottom is about to start – The Telegraph

22 February

The five biggest lies on Wall Street

It’s silly season again – don’t be fooled – Marketwatch

Britain’s strength is its weakness

Going from stability to unpredictability has a price – Reuters

Learning to love bubbles

What if Sir Isaac Newton had been a trend follower? – Mebane Faber

21 February

The end of cheap airfares

Less competition and higher prices are not such bad news – Slate

Happiness, work and productivity

Happy workers are more productive right? Wrong – Chris Dillow

Repo men face tougher times

It’s one sure sign the US economy is picking up – USA Today

20 February

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon

Does cable industry consolidation make sense? – Bond vigilantes

Getting rid of comments

Trolls should not be tolerated – Big Picture

19 February

Barnard Beruch’s ten rules of investing

Beware barbers, beauticians, waiters… – Reformed broker

Readers Digest is bankrupt

How another iconic brand hit the rocks – Bloomberg

18 February

BB interviews… Noam Chomsky

Interview with the world’s greatest intellectual – Financial Times

Don’t let dividend yield drive your investing

How to avoid dividend disasters – Seeking Alpha

Our fallen retailer friends

30 retailers that have fallen in these hard times - Realbusinessrescue

15 February

The temptation of insider trading

Is it really worth it? – Dealbook

Beyond ‘hydraulic policy’

Central banks have no idea what they are doing – Stumbling & Mumbling

RBS: the Goodwin lottery?

How best to dump the government’s RBS shares? - Bond Vigilantes

14 February

Dow 17,000?

Wall St casinos sucking in small investors for another end-of-bull-market slaughter – Market Watch

The growing corporate cash hoard

What will US companies do with their $1.7trn cash pile? - NY Times

Japan does the full Ponzi

Money printing like this can only end in tears – Pragmatic Capitalism

13 February

Don’t encourage the ‘odd-jobbers’

We have more than enough self-employed people already – Flip Chart Fairytales

Our GDP figure is meaningless

Nobody really understands what’s going on in the economy – The Telegraph

How to start a workers’ co-op

Why suffer the tyranny of a boss? – Red Pepper

12 February

Slowing the US mail could speed innovation

Shrinking America’s postal service may have broader economic benefits – Slate

In defence of surly Soviet waiters

What’s better, fake smiles or sincere rudeness? – Jacobin

Tokyo stocks: ‘this time it’s different’

Japan just might be about to start delivering returns – Reuters

11 February

Three stories about billionaires

Why $1bn might not make you happy - Altucher Confidential

Price targets are meaningless

Just ignore most analysts’ buy and sell calls – The Reformed Broker

The worst deal ever

How a rapper screwed a headphone-maker out of a fortune – Gizmodo

8 February

Are you smarter than a 16-year-old?

Can you pass this GCSE-style personal finance test? – The Telegraph

Timing the market

It’s easy to spot market highs and lows in retrospect, but can it be done at the time? – The Economist

The absurd luck of famous men

Success is often accidental - The Atlantic

7 February

A horrible pensions crisis is looming

Everyone will have to save far more as investment returns dwindle – City AM

Why Apple is a difficult stock to own

Understanding it requires an analysis of fundamentals and psychology – Institutional Investor

6 February

Why the US never has to pay its debt

Governments really can, and do, borrow forever – The Atlantic

Brace yourself for a stock market ‘accident’

Profits and leverage are locked in a deadly embrace - Zero Hedge

Keep investing simple

Ten ways to squeeze out bigger returns – The Big Picture

5 February

China is running out of cheap labour

China’s growth miracle will be over in just seven years – Telegraph

Apple analysts: Stupid or lazy?

Can the analysts following Apple actually count? – CNN Money

Credit supernova

Time may be money, but money is running out of time – Pimco

4 February

A scandal too far?

Swap misselling scandal could hobble bank lending again - Telegraph

Sweden – from crisis to opportunity

After its financial crisis of the 1990s, Sweden’s reforms laid the foundations for growth – City AM

The future of energy

Five breakthroughs that could make solar power cheaper than coal – MNN

1 February

Where are the jobs?

Does Britain have a problem with its data? – Quartz

Israel targets NGDP

Israel’s central bank has been secretly targeting the figures – Evan Soltas

Taxes and human nature

The tax system needs to be simpler and fairer – Reuters

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